Engineering Marketing for Your Success

KelmMoyles provides tailored B2B marketing services to the automotive, mechanical engineering and other technically oriented industries. Our multiple decades of engineering marketing expertise ensure you stand out.

Corrections and Proof Reading

We optimize your written material.

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Web sites
  • Product documentation
  • Translations

Technical Benefits Explained Clearly

We teach you the language of customer value.

  • Customer benefits
  • Argumentation
  • Product features
  • Recognition

Professional Staff Preparation

We prepare your staff for "the great event".

  • Language
  • Presentation skills
  • Culture
  • Behaviour
  • Team building
  • Product bonding

Technical Marketing Strategies

We provide orientation in the western engineering markets and help you stay on track.

  • Strategic marketing
  • Market entry
  • Exhibition planning
  • Exhibition feedback
  • Stand layout
  • Recognition and branding