Think of us as your „internal“ marketing department – on a project by project basis! With our many years of experience, comprehensive engineering and sales expertise, we immediately understand what puts you ahead. Therefore your focus can remain on your core business.

We develop turnkey marketing solutions that are convincing both visually and in technical content. Taking advantage of the expertise of our engineers and communications specialists, we turn the technical features of your products into tangible customer benefits, and explain them clearly in text, images and videos.

This provides you with the winning arguments to help your customers recognize why your company is their best choice.

Is there a new product in the pipeline? Contemplating the "next big event"? Thinking about reshaping the future of your business? Or do you have something entirely different in mind?

With more than 25 years expertise in the fields of engineering, B2B marketing, sales and training, we make our clients stand out, by creating concepts, strategies and solutions tailored to their unique needs - from the first concept to its final implementation.

Take advantage of our expertise to reinvent your marketing!

Our comprehensive seminars and workshops provide your staff with the necessary tools to present clearly and concisely and be technically versed with all aspects of their particular presentation or product. Participants learn to engage with customers at the respective level and remain confident throughout.

Needless to say, our teachers are all native speakers.