Services for Your Success

Impressing your customers is not always easy, but with 30 years of experience in the technical world, we can put you on the right road to stand out. From complete staff preparation to marketing strategies for your global success – our services support you before, during and after an event. Single elements from our comprehensive services can be selected to fulfil your specific needs in the most economical way.

Technical Benefits Explained Clearly

  • Customer benefits
  • Product features
  • Recognition

The real value of a product is not always plain to see. With our experience and qualifications we understand technology and equip your team with the right sales arguments that make your customers comprehend the true quality of your products.

Corrections and Proof Reading

  • Web sites
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Product documentation
  • Packaging

Being misunderstood could significantly damage your business. We make sure that what you want to say is what your readers understand. Consequently, this enhances your company‘s credibility and image underlining the quality of your products.

Professional Staff Preparation

  • Language
  • Presentation skills
  • Culture
  • Behaviour
  • Team building
  • Product bonding

Fairs are expensive – Make the most of them: Our comprehensive on-the-job training provides your exhibition team with the confidence to be convincing and technically versed while maintaining a positive, outgoing appearance – for more and stronger customer contacts.

Technical Marketing Strategies

  • Strategic marketing
  • Exhibition planning
  • Exhibition feedback
  • Stand layout
  • Brand building

Success depends on proper planning, reaching far beyond a single event. Our expertise and services maximizes the impact from your marketing investment. We make sure you are in the right place at the right time – gaining top-player recognition.