Mechbass consists of automation technology components

MechBass and its Relevance to B2B Marketing?

MechBass and its Relevance to B2B Marketing?

Making music with standard automation technology components? Works great.

Victoria University of Wellington student James McVay built a computer controlled bass as his fourth year honors project. This doesn't sound like a post with relevance for B2B marketing, but this clever machine is worth a closer look:

1. (Almost) all components involved are standard elements from electronic and mechanical engineering.

Whether linear guidance systems, belt drives or stepper motors - you can be sure to find plenty of these things at the big mechanical or electromechanical trade fairs. The "ingredients" are relevant to the industry.

2. Surprise included:

When thinking about the aforementioned products, who – except perhaps at Festo – would relate these to a musical instrument? Usually, these components are used "as normal" and thus fail to enthuse. Yet, over 23,000 views on YouTube in just three days speak for themselves. That much interest would be a dream for most manufacturers of classical engineering components. Not to forget: surprises do stick in one's mind...

3. A simple and well-known application but a non-trivial apparatus.

That's an ideal combination if you want to "sell" system and solution expertise. A great opportunity for engineering service providers to stand out. Not to forget, such projects are equally well suited to train interdisciplinary teamwork and motivate the people involved.

4. A multitude of hooks into discussions:

According to a recent study (German language only) 16.5% of Germans play a musical instrument. That makes this machine a welcome opportunity for technical and non-technical discussions... Did I hear someone whispering: "Emotions" (which are so difficult to reach in B2B marketing)?

Can you imagine how such a "thing" at your trade fair booth would attract and boost attention? Wouldn’t the trade press also be thrilled to bits? Not to mention your HR marketing?

With such impressive references James McVay will certainly have no trouble finding a job. If you are looking for new, creative ways of presenting your company - contact us today.