Large advertising sign for bavaria beer

Bavaria Beer is not from Bavaria

Bavaria Beer is not from Bavaria

If slogans or product names contradict the set expectations of your target audience, you are in trouble.

On route from Turin to Switzerland I saw this sign on the motorway near Milan: „Bavaria – Holland‘s Premium Beer”.

Actually, I’m not a great fan of beer but that is rather provoking to say the least – the name suggests Bavarian beer brewed according to the traditional Bavarian quality standards.

On the one hand that brings in publicity, on the other, however one can land in front of the judge pretty quickly which usually goes hand in hand with a loss of image and reputation. Some time later, the topic of Bavarian beer from Holland appeared in the newspapers in Germany.

Be that as it may, the deciding factor for the success of a product is the suggested quality behind the product which satisfies the consumers’ expectations. If one doesn’t come up with the promised “goods”, one shouldn’t be surprised when the ones customers start demending what was promised.

Perhaps the Bavarian breweries should consider a form of revenge – something like “Frau Antje Beer”, Tulip Beer (Tulip meat is already on our shelves) or even “Trailer beer”. As in 2006 "Car of the Year" – that could out to be exciting.

Conclusion: The Empire strikes back…