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Byebye WordPress, Welcome Kirby

Byebye WordPress, Welcome Kirby

We use Kirby now for our own websites instead of Wordpress. This article describes its various benefits.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." This is a well-known quote attributed to Albert Einstein.

With that in mind we've made a lot of progress by replacing WordPress by Kirby as our main CMS. The benefits are manifold:

  • There's no database. Kirby is entirely file based: NoDB instead of MySQL. No special handling when backing up the CMS - just zip up the folder. And we are 100% protected from SQL injection attacks.
  • Multiple plugins were needed with WordPress to accomplish what Kirby does out of the box (e.g. multilingual sites). One update and we're done. No more questions whether specific plugin versions are compatible with the latest WordPress version. So with one common authority for the entire platform the system will most likely be safer, too.
  • Often times the WordPress admin interface turned out to be more of a pain than a pleasure. Too many clicks, even for simple tasks, too limited overview. Kirby allows us to put everything together beforehand (offline) and test it as a whole. Zip up the folder, transfer and unzip it on a production server - and that's it. Server migrations are a snap now. And should we ever need an online admin UI: there's always the Kirby panel…
  • Markdown is simpler and quicker to write than trying to format text in an online editor. No special apps or upload API. Device independent - works wherever we are. A simple text editor is all that is needed.

Truth be told - getting everything out of WordPress and converted into Markdown was more time consuming than expected. But it is already evident how beneficial that migration was: we freed up time to spend more time on client projects.

If you'd like to know more about how we made the switch or have other questions: Contact us. We are happy to help!