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New Open Seminar: "Presentations with Impact"

New Open Seminar: "Presentations with Impact"

Boring presentations are easy! In this two-day seminar we teach you how to deliver presentations with impact.

We share our comprehensive expertise in the form of services and seminars.
Over the past months we designed a new kind of presentation training that will also available for open groups, from July 1st on. Open for registrations starting today.


This seminar conveys all necessary skills and techniques for convincing presentations. Learn how to tailor your content to the needs of your target audience and also how to explain complex technical content clearly and comprehensively. Intensive and active practice makes sure your presentation reaches your audience and your own targets.

Step by step, we lead you from the initial concept to your “performance” – in either German or English.

In a nutshell

  • Structuring a topic for a successful presentation
  • Argumentation and storytelling
  • Know what's important: Needs, benefits and advantages
  • Balancing your targets vs. those from your audience.
  • Do the right thing: Language and behaviour for all audiences and situations
  • Oops: Body language, do's & dont's


Small groups, only 4-6 participants


You work with your own material.


2 days


July 1 & 2 2015
October 7 & 8 2015


IGZ Erlangen.

Please contact us for other seminar dates, also in your premises.

Participation fees (incl. material and catering)

820 EUR + VAT