Green electric vehicle at chinese fair

Electric Vehicles in China

Electric Vehicles in China

China invests massively in zero emission mobility. But what if you really want to buy one today?

Attending the automotive supplier fair in Beijing today I had the opportunity of  looking at the electric vehicles of Chinese manufacturers  in more detail. So much has been reported in the press and elsewhere about the attempts of the Chinese government to get electric and hybrid vehicles on the market. However, the development doesn’t seem to be where it should be – and here we are in September 2010 and not one of the presented vehicles is actually available. Having said that, one is available – an antiquated vehicle with lead battery…

In other words, the Chinese manufacturers are having the same problems in the development as everybody else. With the huge governmental aid their chances are surely good. The other question is, of course, if the cost problem, especially for the local market, can be solved.

Conclusion: Go out and buy an electric scooter…