Passport Services sticker on airplane seat

Guerrilla Marketing on a Plane

Guerrilla Marketing on a Plane

Advertisement surprise aboard an air plane - outside the inflight magazine.

The usual scene in the plane: Boarding, luggage, filling the overhead bins, sitting down. Doesn’t take long and the flight is on its way. Then the surprise: As the food is being served I open my table and pull it towards me and Hey Presto a sticker is visible which must have been put there by a passenger on a previous flight. Appropriately enough, the sticker is for a “VIP Passport Service“. The sticker itself, is just about obvious enough to be noticed but not prominent enough to be removed by the cleaners. I’d be curious to know how many stickers are flying around the world ….

Conclusion: a clever means of advertising..

P.S. The legality of the action and the consent of the airline companies is another question entirely.