Example of a poorly translated ad

Know Your Terminology

Know Your Terminology

Speaking your customer's language is essential for successful companies. And that is more than just English, German or Chinese…

Recently, on the way to visit a customer I came across the “Inflight Magazine” and leafed through it, thereby stumbling upon an advertisement for "Gleitsichere Kantenten", a nonexistent word in German. Even Google doesn’t know it. Somehow, this reminds me of Peter Bichsels short story "A table is a table". Communication still requires a common language.

Every branch of business has its own special terminology/jargon and businesses should be well acquainted with it and apply it in all relevant languages: Otherwise you run a great risk – who can’t be found, does not exist.

Apart from that, using the correct vocabulary and terminology shows professionalism and expertise. Who would want to do without that?

The value of proofreading should not be underestimated as such mistakes would not go unnoticed by native speakers. The extra cost is negligible in comparison to the cost for the advertising space.

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