Print is not dead yet

Print Wins

Print Wins

Even in a digital world, print has a lot to offer!

Dr. Schulz Public Relations GmbH in Cologne recently published a study to “Media usage and effect“(ürdigkeit/), in which over 1000 people were asked about the certified credibility of various media. Even when you question the neutrality of such a study coming from a PR agency – the results are nonetheless in many respects striking.

1. The classic printed media took the first four (!) Places – lead by trade journals. A swan song of the printed word would certainly look a lot different…..
2. The most credible online media is the the homepage of a company.
3. As was to be expected the social networks came in last. After all the are basically opinions rather than professionally researched and edited facts.
4. What surprised me was the fact that weekly newspapers ( e.g. “Die Zeit“) faired much worse than the daily newspapers. Probably what is reflected here is the fact that many reader have more “practical” experience with the daily papers… ultimately credibility develops from regular dealing with a given medium.

Which recommendations for action can be derived from the study B2B marketing?

Just because Social Media is "in", does not mean by a long shot that print is “out”: soundly edited ( and perhaps even checked) professional information is still valued by the consumer(reader). Companies should actively take advantage of this potential for their marketing by providing specialist articles and press releases for publications with specific relevance for their own target group. The advantages are manifold:

  • targeted own image formation instead of taking on a characterised „alien image“ from reports of others.
  • the professional expertise will be confirmed through the reputation of the magazine.
  • you increase your visibility in the target group of the respective magazine.
  • those who publish appear more innovative than those who remain silent.

Professional public relations promotes trust in the company and its products, thus opening business opportunities with potentials as well as existing customers.

It’s worth giving it a go. So when is your next article being published?

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